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X-Treme Whey Protein

X-Treme Whey Protein
Those who try to build up muscles or maintain muscle mass in a diet phase have to supply the body – especially after training – with enough proteins and amino acids, respectively. The composition of our X-TREME WHEY PROTEIN is so that muscle cells can be supplied quickly with amino acids and that way an optimal protein synthesis – i.e. muscle build-up – can happen.
It’s been scientifically proven that the intake of whey protein, as opposed to soy proteins and casein, in the resting phase as well as directly after physical strain enables the build-up of muscle mass best.
Especially the build-up of muscle mass consumes a lot of calories, so, so-called hardgainers might have problems to reach a balanced or increased energy balance. Because our X-TREME WHEY PROTEIN is highly soluble and can be consumed like water after the training, you don’t get the feeling of being full and you can reach an increased energy balance with a subsequent protein-rich meal.
Especially after intense training units and during matches, appetite is absent (with most athletes), so, the so-called anabolic window after the training unit can’t be used optimally. Because our X-TREME WHEY PROTEIN stays liquid, also endurance and other top athletes can profit from the whey protein.
Every serving provides you with up to 6,000 mg BCAA and your body receives additional 9 vitamins and 2 kinds of minerals after a hard workout, because also these must be refilled.
inkospor BRAND X-TREME
Product Type Powder
Number of servings 16-66
Name of the food Powder of whey protein and whey protein isolate with 80 % protein and vitamins for preparing a shake. With sweetener.
preparation Mix 30 g powder (= 2 measuring spoons) with 300 ml water for 1 serving.
Recommended intake 2 servings per day. One shake preferably after workout.
Notices This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Storage Store in a cool dry place
Made in Germany
lactose free No
Intake after training
Key Facts Whey protein concentrate + isolate, high BCAA content, fat free, 9 vitamins, Ca, Mg.

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