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X-Treme Energy Gel

X-Treme Energy Gel
  • X-TREME Bodybuilding
  • X-TREME Muscle Definition
  • X-TREME Muscle Building
  • X-TREME Endurance

Gels are a popular form of energy supply for endurance athletes because they are so easy to use und because of their wholesomeness due to their consistency.
According to current knowledge, the body can take in about 30-60 g of carbohydrates within an hour under long lasting physical strain. That means with 1-2 X-TREME ENERGY GELS per hour you will be optimally provided for in a match or during intense work out sessions. The optimal combination of maltodextrin and fructose guarantees a quick and thereafter constant and long-lasting energy supply. In addition, it contains electrolytes for an optimal carbohydrate and fluid intake. The prominent increase of need for vitamins of the B-group for athletes is due to their higher energy metabolism. Therefore, ENERGY GELS contain additional vitamin B1 whose main function lies within the carbohydrate metabolism. The flavour “Ice Tea” with guarana extract gives the extra kick.
inkospor BRAND X-TREME
Product Type Gel
Number of servings 24
Name of the food Carbohydrate energy gel with vitamin B1.
preparation Mix 1 bag with 250 ml water.
Recommended intake 1 portion per day.
Notices This product is no replacement for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Storage Store in a cool dry place.
gluten free Yes
lactose free Yes
Intake during training

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