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Active Liqids® Zero 1:30

Active Liqids® Zero 1:30
Some athletes want to have a calorie-free drink when they exercise and, therefore, drink water. But, if you sweat, the body doesn’t just lose water but also electrolytes, such as sodium, which plays a central role for a balanced fluid balance. That’s why excessive drinking during long-lasting physical strain without salt intake can lead to hyperhydration.
Therefore, our Active LIQIDS® ZERO are the right alternative for you, especially if you are in the “shaping” phase and don’t want to pass up on taste – but calories.
Do you suffer from lactose intolerance, coeliac disease or are you vegan? Then the Active LIQIDS® ZERO is the right alternative for you, too!
inkospor BRAND Active
Product Type Concentrate
Number of servings 50-500
Name of the food Beverage concentrate with minerals & 4 vitamins for preparing an energy-free beverage. With sweeteners. 1 bottle of concentrate = 15 L beverage ready to drink.
preparation Fill 10ml concentrate (2 pumps) up to 300ml with water for 1 serving. 1 bottle of concentrate = 15 L beverage ready to drink (1:30).
Recommended intake 3 servings/day. Do not drink the concentrate undiluted.
Notices This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet & a healthy lifestyle. Product may lead to colourings on plastic parts.
Storage Keep refrigerated & consume within 8 weeks after opening. Blend to be used within 6 hours.
Made in Germany
gluten free Yes
lactose free Yes
Vegan Yes
Intake before, during , after training

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