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X-Treme Red Voltage Concentrate

X-Treme Red Voltage Concentrate
  • X-TREME Bodybuilding
  • X-TREME Muscle Definition
  • X-TREME Muscle Building
  • X-TREME Endurance
  • With Guarana
  • 60 MG caffeine/ serving mixed with concentrate
  • Fat free


Liquid concentrate for caffeine booster drink. 10 ml concentrate gives 300 ml ready-to-drink beverage (mixing ratio 1:30). Easy preparation with matching dosing pump.


inkospor BRAND X-TREME
Product Type Concentrate
Number of servings 50-500
Name of the food Caffeine containing beverage concentrate with guarana for the preparation of a low calorie beverage. With sugar and sweeteners. High caff eine content (20mg / 100 ml ready to use beverage). Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women.
ingredients list Invert sugar syrup, water, acidifier malic acid, 3,17% guarana extract powder (maltodextrin, guarana extract, caff eine), flavouring, sodium citrate, sweeteners (cyclamate, acesufam-K, saccharin), 0,28% caffeine, colour allura red AC*. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
preparation Fill 10 ml concentrate (2 pumps) up to 300 ml with water for 1 serving. 1 bottle of concentrate = 15 L beverage ready to drink.
Recommended intake 300-600 ml per day.
Notices This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women (20mg Caffeine / 100 ml). *May have an adverse eff ect on activity and attention in children.
Storage After opening store in a cool place and use the product within 8 weeks.
Made in Germany
gluten free Yes
lactose free Yes
Intake before, during training
additives Acidifier malic acid, sweeteners (cyclamate, acesufam-K, saccharin).
Key Facts With caffeine and guarana extract powder .

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